Diabetes and Diet Update - Summary of December 2018 talk by Jane McClinchy

Jane McClinchy outlined themes arising in the comments and diaries of persons with diabetes she has consulted in the course of her research.  Comments were shared regarding sources of information, limited access to the DAFNE and DESMOND training courses available to Type 1s and Type 2s, variable experiences with health professionals, information and misinformation from the media, education from tv, websites and technology. 

Assessing the suitability of recipes, the topic of biomedical and dietary feedback and confusing food labels were discussed, acknowledging that Christmas, birthdays and special celebrations can be difficult for those monitoring their food intake.

An update on Diabetes UK Nutrition Guidelines 2018 followed, concluding that eating more vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, fish, nuts and pulses and eating less red and processed meat, refined carbs and sugar sweetened beverages are beneficial, while acknowledging personal preferences and differences.

Defining what is meant by a low carb diet and looking at typical portion size, Jane outlined a very low carb, a low carb, and a moderate meal plan and the possible benefits for type 2s.   The British Dietetic Association policy statement (November 2018) urged those interested in trying low carb diets to seek advice from their dietician.  A low carbohydrate diet can help with weigh loss in Type 2s but other long term effects are unclear.